Drag and Drop problem in Storyline 360

Feb 13, 2019



I have a problem with a drag and drop question in my quiz. In review it works fine, but when published and loaded onto the LMS, some boxes will release and lock onto their corresponding answers and others don't, which means that you can't get past the quiz question.

I've attached a short video which shows the problem

Thanks for your help


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Phil!  Thanks for that video.  It looks like you're using the matching drag-and-drop question type.  Tell me about any formatting you changed, i.e. color, size of the interaction on the slide, slide size, etc.

Also, are you using Storyline 2?  What browser are you using to view the content?

I tested a slightly modified version of this question with 10 pairs in Storyline 2 HTML5 output in Google Chrome, but I couldn't reproduce the sticky items.  Hopefull with some details, we'll nail down the culprit!

Phil Whitehead

Hi Crystal,

Thanks for getting back to me

So I'm using Articulate Storyline 360 and viewing on Chrome but have tested through IE as well

I did publish the slide by itself and loaded it onto our LMS and it works fine. So I republished the course and reloaded and I now can't replicate the problem either, (I hate it when it does that). So just to be safe I've removed that particular question from my question bank. Not ideal but a solution none the less.

Thanks for trying to help anyway


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