Drag and Drop question : a drop field with multiple objects while the other doesn't


I am customizing a drag and drop question. 

Terminology unification: Drag for objects and drop for fields.

When a user drops two objects on one field, they are stuck together where you can't pick one alone and drop it to another field again. I need the capability to drop two objects in a field feature because that is part of the question. 

This issue come up as if the user wanted to change their drop choices it won't work.

Could any of you assist me on that. 

My question is attached below. 

Thank you. 

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Mohammed,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing a screen recording! That does seem a bit odd that the interaction is merging those objects. 

It looks like the file attached to your comment is a blank file. May I ask if you could share the file with me for further troubleshooting? You can share files in this thread here, or you're welcome to share them privately here. I'll let you know my findings and will delete it after having a closer look!

Vincent Scoma

Hi Mohammed,

Thank you for clarifying! 

I reviewed the file, and I was able to recreate the behavior you are seeing. I did find a way to have the interaction work as intended, and I will share those changes that I made below: 

  • In Storyline, if you navigate to Design for the Drag & Drop interaction, you can adjust the drop settings
  • Next, you will want to click on Drag & Drop Options.

  • A prompt will appear, allowing you to change how the objects interact. If you enable the setting, Allow only one item in each drop target, this will adjust how the shapes interact with each other.

After making that change, this is what I saw when previewing the interaction: Drag & Drop Video.

Please give that a try and let us know if you run into any snags!