drag and drop question doesn't score right

Oct 26, 2021

Hello, I have created my first drag and drop exercise.  I have named the layers so that the layer and the hotspot name match.  I can't get this question to score correctly.  It should be: Entity Demographics 1 = address hotspot

Entity Detalis 3 = entity details hotspot

Page Title Bar = page title hotspot  

It's on slide 7

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Ben Wittezaele

Hi Jennifer

It looks like the hotspot detection on the narrow arrow (no pun intended) is giving issues.

Also, it's not easy for the learner to find the snapping point (far left border of screen). If they are not aware of the need to snap before we can validate, they will not score, due to a 'misplaced' answer. Another tip might be to retake your screenshot of the application screen without the mouse pointer in screen. It might confuse people.

The issue: I changed the arrow to the rounded box you used and all is good. I have a changed file in attachment, only the box is added.