Drag and drop reset if dropped back?

Nov 07, 2013

Ok, I’ve got my drag and drop and dependent feedback acting the way I want, other than it messes up if an item is dragged off again before submitting. I think I must be over-complicating it, but I can’t make the ‘delay until submit’ set up work to create the same result as ‘not delaying’ and I’m mystified as to why. Do the individual drop correct/incorrect states not automatically carry thru to the feedback layer? Or do I need to attach them all manually to the submit button, or….? I don’t want to use the built in player submit button.

Attached file has two versions, one without delay and one with delay.

So to fix the ‘dragged away again’ issue on the one without delay, then I guess I should be able to either disable the dropped item once it is dropped or turn it back to normal if moved again, but whatever I tried with shapes on top/around etc. didn’t seem to achieve either of those. If someone could explain in detailed simple steps, the best solution, that would be just wonderful.

Or if someone can show me what I’ve missed to make the ‘delay until submit’ option work, that would be great too. Or both for my sanity perhaps....

To me the logic of drag and drop is back to front, it feels like trying to drive on the other side of the road and scrambles my brain. Took me a while to twig originally that it wasn't the target sites that you checked to be drop correct/incorrect. I do wish it could be that way around, would seem simpler for many situations. Or could do with lots more typically required options on triggered behaviour perhaps.



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Dennis Hall

Hi Sarah:

After reviewing your story, it looks like you have all the settings correct except your Continue buttons are not submitting the results.

For my test, I added a results slide and found that even though I passed both slides, I still had 0% score.

You need to add the Submit Results trigger above the jump to next slide trigger on those buttons. The Trigger order will then submit results (which is tied to the delay until submit function.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Sarah Ednay

Hi Dennis

Thank you for your help. Sorry to be thick but I don't entirely follow. .... I think I wasn't being very clear... the delay I was referring to was "delay drop states till submit" tick box on the drag and drop question edit dialogue box. I'm not really concerned about carrying forward final results as we don't use that feature in this. I'd just like the immediate feedback on the question to show up correctly. 

If you compare the two slides, with putting in the same wrong answer you can see that the second one doesn't show all the changed states. The different feedback boxes are set to show differently depending what is dropped on certain targets. I could happily live with the first slide if the system undid the drop correct/incorrect states if the user moved a drop item off of a target.

Sarah Ednay

Ok, a quick update, in case anyone else searches on thistopic.

My current workaround is that on the manually controlledversion I set up individual decoy drop targets directly over each of the dropitems. If an item is placed on a proper drop target and then dragged back to its original place, then triggerson the incorrect feedback slide pick up that and change the state so the dropped back item doesn’thave an incorrect tag on it. However if the systems in built auto-return takesover and returns the item automatically then the item is not registered as dropped on the decoy target… grrrr!!!

So then Iturned off the “return items to start point if dropped outside any target” tickbox, so the user has to move it somewhere else themselves….(or theoreticallythey do, but the system still takes over sometimes and suddenly takes it off tothe right of the screen…. why is that?) and although this does create all sorts of other potential weirdness,  I decided that this weirdness is better than disabling an item after they firstdrop it (and I couldn’t make that work anyway).

This has to be overkill?   ......so better ideas most welcome.

Dennis Hall

Hi Sarah:

Not sure the differences you mentioned.

I've attached a PDF file demonstrating the results I had received in testing your story.

I think you did add many unrequired triggers and now more objects. There may be a better way to accomplish what you want will also reducing the total files size (the more objects you include, the greater the amount of published files).

Can you explain the detail or edit the images to identify your issue?

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

mark helm

Hi ,

Sarah, did you ever get a solution for this problem?

I'm having trouble too.

I'm using a variable that flags "true" or "false" depending which target dropped on ... but , if i drag an item onto a correct (True) dropzone... then , e.g. change my mind and drag off (ping back to original position)! Then the "true" is still flagged.

Basically I need to make the variable go True if on  a correct dropzone and False if not on a dropzone or in an incorrect dropzone.

Any help would be good


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mark,

I don't know if Sarah is still subscribed to this thread, so you may want to PM her.

But in regards to your set up, you'll need to set up an additional trigger to return the variable to false when the object is dragged off the drop target. I typically make a "placeholder" rectangle for my drag items so that if a user thinks about dragging it off, they'll return it to that section - you could use that object to adjust the variable. Also depending on your set up, you could add a hotspot around the drop target and set the variable to adjust when an item is dragged over that hotspot. 

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