Drag and Drop Text boxes are not editable.

Sep 16, 2016

Is anyone else having issued with Drag and drop text boxes not being editable. I am trying to edit a drag and drop to fit my module, however the text boxes will not let me edit.

Thanks for any help in advance.



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Crystal Horn

Hi Michelle!  Just to clarify, are your text boxes either drag items or drop targets?  Also, are they text boxes that you've filled or are they text entry boxes for your learners to fill?  

This discussion about using a text box as a drag item refers to making sure the text box has a color fill (even if it is at 99% transparency), or making it a shape with text, instead, to make it so the learners can drag it easily.  Maybe that discussion will help a bit.

Give us a feel for how your course is set up; also, you're welcome to share your project (or a piece thereof) by using the Add Attachment button, so we can have a look!

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