Drag and drop tile


I am creating a drag and drop interaction with many drag items. I would like the items to tile together when in the drop zone. Ideally I need them to tile so they are neat and can all be seen in the zones. 

However, I notice that when several items are in the drop zones (in blue), they are running over the edge of the area. I have attached an image. 

Is the tiling supposed to confine the items to the target area?

How can I fix this?




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Ren Gomez

Hi Product Development,

Would you be able to share your file with us, either here, or with our support team? When I select my Drag & Drop Options to Snap drop items to drop target and use the Tile option, this is the result I see:

It looks like your slide is tiling the drop items vertically and I'm wondering if there are any other elements causing this to happen!