Drag & Drop corrupts slide navigation & display


when navigating from a slide backwards to an answered (interaction submitted) slide that has a "Darg and Drop" Freeform quiz, the slide isn't displayed and also corrupts our custom navigation. This happens ONLY when the style for drag and drop is set to Stack Offset (which we would like to use). Random or centered works fine.

Sadly we can't simply share the storyline file for inspection.

It's quite complex, we needed to implement a custom navigation at the bottom, variables for the navigation and have to use layers as well when the user answers to set variables for each slide, if that one answer was correct.

So here's a rundown what the user does:

  1. Get to drag & drop slide
  2. Drags the 8 answers onto the drop targets on the left
  3. Once all have been at least touched ("visited" state true), the user can submit the interaction
  4. This brings up the answer correct/wrong layer, which advances to the next slide within 0,5 seconds (we need the layers to store variables, if the answer was correct)
  5. Now when the user navigates back to this drag & drop slide via the custom navigation, the slide won't display. Instead it still shows the slide the user navigated from. But when navigating backwards a second time, the slide before the drag & drop one is displayed. So somehow we did end up on the drag & drop slide, but its content didn't shop up...

Does anyone have ANY idea why "Stack Offset" will corrupt the slide in this way?

We've tried some workarounds, rebuilt the slides, but always ended up with this issue.

Here's a brief mockup of the drag & drop scene described above:

drag and drop stacking - slide display and navigation issue

Thank you very much in advance!!!

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Chip Ritter

Hi, Beren. Thanks for your post. Hopefully some of our Community members can chime in here with some insight. However, it sounds like it might be something our support team could take a look at. Maybe you'd feel comfortable uploading your project to them? Either way, I'd suggest opening a support case.

Walt Hamilton

Close the layer that advances to the next slide before you advance to the next slide. If it is not closed, when the user returns to it, the slide opens to that layer, and within 0,5 sec (faster than you can see it), it advances to the next slide, which is why it appears not to have gone to the previous slide.

Beren Baumgartner

Thanks :) -- I'm already hiding it. (Or is there a "close" instead of "hide" option I don't know about?)

Got a button on the layer (so I can copy paste triggers more easily) that has:

1. Hide this layer
2. Jump to next slide

As stated, it seems to work with random stacking, but not ordered :/

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Beren,

I just took a look at your case with Cleo and it seems that his version of your file seems to be working, and he also shared a link to the published output. We'll continue to monitor the case as you work with Cleo, but I wanted to confirm you received his most recent response.