Drag Drop - Multiple Drags with Multiple Targets Articulate Storyline 2

Hi everyone.

I have created a standard drag and drop slide with a couple of triggers to allow for two of the drag options to be assigned to more than one target.

In the attached file, the rectangles labelled Environmental Impact and Property Damage are assigned to the NO RISK cans. (No problems here)

The rectangles Injury Occurred and Community Impact are be assigned to LOW RISK or MEDIUM RISK cans.

When Injury Occurred and Community Impact are BOTH dragged to the same risk can (i.e. Low Risk or Medium Risk), the "Correct" layer is displayed. However, if they are dragged to different cans (e.g. one to Low Risk and the other to Medium Risk), the "Incorrect" layer pops up.

I thought that my triggers would have been enough to dictate that either shape was acceptable in either of or both cans. Maybe I need some conditions attached to each trigger?

I would appreciate any feedback on this issue.


Many thanks

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Roy

I downloaded your story file but it's a blank slide.

Here is a video by Rebecca showing how this can be accomplished using a Freeform Pick One instead of a Freeform DnD quiz type.

To change your slide from a DnD to Pick One, duplicate your slide so you have a backup copy. Go to Insert > Remove Freeform, then Insert > Create Freeform and select Pick One. If you had custom feedback layers you can copy them from your original DnD slide to the Pick One.

Hope that helps