Drag Drop state change triggers behave differently on attempt 2 than on attempt 1.


I'm struggling to work out what the issue is with this DnD interaction. Can anyone help?

In short, it behaves as expected on attempt one, but, on attempt two, the state change triggers that should hide the previous answer don't work as expected. They should hide on mouse over. However, I have to mouse over/move out/mouse back over, in order to activate the trigger. 

I've set the retry button to jump to the slide, the slide to reset to its initial state, and slide triggers to reset the drag items to normal.

Any ideas?

Cheers, Andy

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andy,

Thanks for sharing the file with us here. To get this to properly reset I'd look at adding in an additional blank slide that acts as the reset to ensure you're jumping back to the drag and drop slide and seeing it pulled as a brand new attempt. Since you're not already tracking attempts this will keep the users in that loop until they answer correctly - although I did see you had an "incorrect" slide layer set up and the only way they'd see that is if you had a limited number of attempts. Using the set up I've included here you could limit it based on attempts using a variable. You'll see I set that up on your "try again" layer based on not being able to determine the submission outside of the dropped items (it was faster set up) but you could add the trigger to show the incorrect layer based on the variable value + the dropped states of your items. 

Hope that helps! 

Andy Moorman

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the quick reply. I'm starting to think there's a bug.

Take a look at this example. The icons hover state all work perfectly on the first visit. If you use the reset button to revisit the slide, then one icon works correctly but the other two have to be mouse hovered over/then mouse out/mouse back over to display the hover state. 

In an attempt to make them work - I've created triggers on the reset button to return all icons to normal before the revisit - and set triggers to set them to normal on timeline start. 

What's going on?