Drag & Drop with multiple correct answers

May 04, 2019

I have a slide that is driving me crazy. I know how to make drag items drop into  drop zones in random order and be scored as correct, but I can't figure out how to make some score as correct and some as incorrect.

In the story file attached, I have two screens, each with 5 strings of text and a box with 3 drop zones. Three first 3 text strings are correct answers and the last 2 are incorrect.

The first screen in this file won't give me 'incorrect' feedback no matter what combination of text strings I drag into the top box. I've made a 'DragCorrect' variable but although I've tried many combinations of 'true' 'false', nothing seems to work give me the 'incorrect' or 'try again' feedback.

The second screen does show 'incorrect' or 'try again' feedback, but only if I make the text strings drop into specific drop zones. This works, but I want to be able to drop them into the top box in a random order.

I would also like the text strings to reset their initial positions when clicking the 'continue' button on the 'try again' feedback but I don't want to be tied to an endless loop. I have the attempts set to try twice.

I've been making progress with help I've received here, but this is yet another situation I have not encountered before, and the solution seems just outside my grasp.

Any help is appreciated.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Charles

I duplicated the first slide and changed it from a  DND to a Pick One.  Sometimes it's easier to control with triggers when you have multiple drags going to multiple drop targets. You'll notice two offstage buttons at the top of the screen - these control the pick one in the form view.

Anyway, take a look and see if the combinations return what you are expecting.  I haven't gone as far as add in the number of attempts or to reset to initial state yet - let's just see if it returns the correct responses first.

Charles Radanovich

Hi Wendy,

Yes, the combinations now return what I was hoping for.

If you find a way to reset to the initial state after hitting 'try again', will that effect the quiz review later?

Would it also be possible to reset only the wrong choices? Moving them back to their original positions, but leaving the correct ones inside the box.

Thanks for your reply, this is very helpful I haven't truly dissected it yet to find the reason for changing to a Pick One, but I know I will understand later.

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