Draw different question banks depending on variable

Mar 30, 2015


I am creating a course about Instructional Design for some colleagues and I would like to add a bit of background information about the working memory restriction. So I decided to build a "little" game im which they can find out, how many itmes they can keep in mind.

This is realized with a question bank where I put some slides in. A timeline makes 4 pictures show up after each other for the learner to memorize. My idea is now: When the learner manages to remember the four item, he shall get five items in the next round, six the round after and so on. This level is saved in a variable.

Is it possible to choose from different questions banks depending on the level the user has? Thus I could create one question bank for four items, one bank for five items and so on.

Thanks already for any ideas,

Cheers from Hamburg,


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Simon Blair

Hi Nina,

This sounds doable. Here's what I'm thinking:

  1. Create your test banks
  2. Create a question draw slide for each bank
  3. Use a variable to track the user's "level"
  4. Adjust the next button so that it goes to the appropriate draw slide (you'll need to use triggers with conditions - let me know if you need more detail).

I believe that should do it.


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