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Lee Webber

Hi, the storyline file is attached - what I am trying to achieve is the SUBMIT button to become active only once the learner has selected either at least one of the drop down answers or (what the client wants) to have selected all three.

I cannot see anyway of doing this as you cannot apply a trigger to a dropdown?



Shraddha Manjrekar

@Erin.. Yes, articulate prevent the question from being submitted by prompting the "Invalid Answer" popup. But this popup is not  accessibility complaint, it has many issues

1. The content of the Invalid popup is read multiple times

2. Luminosity ratio of the "Ok" button is less than 4:5:1

3. Focus moves out from the 'Invalid Answer' popup without closing it.

4. The popup should get closed by pressing the 'Esc' key.

In order to get rid of these issues, we have to disable the Submit button.





Lee Webber

Ok, so I worked out a solution myself which seems to work - apply a rectangle (with no fill or stroke) over each of the dropdown options. Next set a trigger to change the state of the rectangles to 'hidden' when mouse rolls over each one. Then create a trigger to change the state of the submit button from 'disabled' to 'active/normal' when the state of each of the rectangles = hidden. See attached storyline file as example.

Not perfect but this works for me!