Easy FAST way to get slide thumbnails onto a slide?

Jun 16, 2018

I am using a lightbox slide at the end of my storyline 360 module to allow students to go back to anything they want to view again. On it, I would love to use clickable thumbnail pictures (with triggers) of the slides as the pictures would be easier for students to recognize than titles. Is there any easy FAST way to insert thumbnails of the slides into a slide? I had hoped to publish in word then copy the pictures in but that doesn't work. I am hoping not to have to save each one as a picture then insert as I will be doing this for many modules. Ideas? Thanks

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Tracy Buthe

I would open a new, blank Storyline file and pretend to import your slides from the course you are working on. When you do that it will display a screen with thumbnails of all of your slides on it. Maybe you can screen shot each slide thumbnail on that window and use them in your course. That is the only place I can think of that will show you all of your slides in a thumbnail type of view.

Walt Hamilton

Tracy's idea seems best to me. Here's my timeline for the attached sample

8:57 Click SL to start

Import SL, take screenshot with MS Snip tool, copy shape and change trigger

9:12 Close SL after saving completed sample

Additional slides: approx 15 sec ea.

Compared to most things I do - not much work.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robin, 

Are you using the Insert-Picture-Screenshot method in Storyline?

If so, you won't see Storyline listed as one of your available windows, unless you had two instances of Storyline running. 

The same behavior with the screen clipping. It will temporarily close Storyline so that you can clip whatever else is on the screen. You'll see the same behavior when you choose to conduct a screen recording in Storyline. 

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