Easy Pre Built Timer

Nov 29, 2021

I need to use a timer that counts down from 5 minutes multiple times in the same course.  I've tried a lot of different timers but it starts to get confusing with so many different versions of variables for each timer on each slide.  Is there a simple pre-built timer somewhere that I can plug into my slide and it counts down per slide, not per course?  The latest issue I was having was that the timer from a later slide was picking up on where the timer left off on the first slide it was used on.  Also, when is Articulate going to add built in timers???  lol


Thanks in advance.

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Dominik Rosehnal

I made a simple timer with only triggers that you can use on as many times as you want. The whole timer is hidden on a master slide layout. Just select that layout and set two variables to start the timer. See attachment for example.

Edit: Nevermind, looks like Articulate gave you exactly what you asked for with the new version :)