Editing Master Feedback layers

May 17, 2019

Hi, I'm needing some clarification on how the feedback master works, when creating new layers for graded questions.

I've created several multiple choice, graded questions within my course.

Each multiple choice question has three layers: correct, incorrect, and correct answer.

The correct answer layer appears after the learner has made a predetermined number of attempts (but has not already selected the correct answer), in other words, the correct answer layer displays the correct answer if the user has not already gotten the question correct.

However, when attempting to use the feedback master to edit the correct answer layer, I'm not seeing a layer whose name (correct answer) that would correspond to the layer I've created within my multiple choice question.  There seems to only be two layers present in the feedback master which correspond to the layers I've created in my graded question.

So, two questions:

1) Which layer within the feedback master corresponds to the 'correct answer' layer that I've created within my graded question?

and 2) If there isn't a layer within the feedback master (called correct answer), to correspond to my correct answer layer, can this be added?

If not, what's the best way to edit the format of my correct answer only, without editing a layer I want to remain as-is (a separate layer, called correct).


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Casie! Great questions. When you add a layer to your slide, it will use a blank feedback layout. Open the layer on your slide, and use the Home > Apply Layout option at the top to confirm which layout is being used currently. You can edit that layout or create a new one.

When you add layers, they won't automatically become new masters. Start by adding your new feedback master layout with the elements that you want to show every time that layout is used. Then, add a layer on your slide and select that layout using Home > Apply Layout.

This user guide article goes into detail about working with feedback masters!

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