eLearning but make it a Game - A Knight's Quest

Nov 02, 2022

Just wanted to share an example of how to give elearning created in Storyline 360 a more video game like feel. I wanted to see how far I could push Storyline. 

Text Quest

In this sample, you play a knight on a mission from the queen to help teachers across the land find the best books for their students. The original was created as teacher professional development to help them know what to look for in a book based on their students' reading level. I've inserted filler text into the sample so it might not make complete sense.

Try it for yourself here.

meet the wizard

Gamified elements

  • Uses user's name throughout the game
  • Player can move character
  • Ability to pick up and use items
  • Story element (knight's quest)
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Kelley Lombardo

Yes, please! Anything you can provide that gives hints to how you made this because it is SO awesome! And if you have any pieces/parts that you can share, that would be awesome! I want to do something similar for a side passion project for neurodivergent kids/families to learn coping strategies and more about how their brains operate.

Thank you!