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Feb 02, 2019

Hi everyone,

I'm in the beginning stages of a new elearning and I was wondering if anyone has or can point me in the direction of examples where you've made a document "come to life". By "come to life", I mean instead of just having a narrator read a document or even read a summary of it, how did you (or the example) make it fun. It's pretty boring content (but has to be presented from a legal standpoint) and I'd rather not have any slides where I'm reading from bulleted points or having to show the document itself and highlight text, so I'm just looking for other ideas. Thank you in advance!

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Gai Tuz

Hi there!

I can relate to what's it like making something boring a little less boring! One thing I find a bit fun to do is making the content personable and interactive. It really depends on the tone and formality needs of your presentation, but if you think the material can pull off some good day-to-day life analogy (with a bit of twist) or something like then that's a great start to start engaging the learners.  Chunks of technical legal matters can really be disengaging especially during introductions. Let's say a primer on certain Compliance material, it's best to showcase a brief case study or hypothetical scenarios (which they can relate to) that would be a great segue to the importance of why such regulations exists.

In terms of interactivity, you can design it to present a visual scenario where objects, people, or any image can be clicked to trigger a certain action (narration,caption, animation, video) before learners can move on to another slide that contains yet another  information.   It also would be nice to have some survey or questions that can be answered by drag-and-drop actions but I would advice not making it too much of a quiz but just use it to reinforce what learners have read or listened to. 

And oh, great graphics or fun illustrations are helpful too!