Emailing Results

May 28, 2014


Im using Storyline. I would like to find an easy way for a user to email the survey results.
Currently I have:

  • Inserted the survey results slide, added a trigger to send email when hyperlink clicked. 
    (This works the trigger creates an email)
  • Added the print results button.
    (which works and creates the survey results page in a seperate window)

My problem is:

Is there an easier way for the user to email the survey results page without this 2 step process?

At the moment I am relying on users knowing how to use file/print/document writer/pdf/save as 'results' and then attaching this document in the email that was created. And we have having issues with this.

I've looked through these forums but can't find any suggestions.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Helen,

There is not a built in email results trigger - as detailed here. 

To set this up, you'll likely need to set up some Javascript elements such as described here and you may want to reach out to other users in that thread or search for similar threads. I suggest to search using Google instead of our search forum functionality to help tailor the results further. Adrian offers an explanation on how to search using Google here. 

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