Embed Vieo Player error

When I attempt to embed a client's video player (using Insert Video from Website) the video does not appear. Instead, the player .js code appears in the video window.

The embed code I am using is :

<iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://media.clientswebserver.com/getplayer_v2.ashx?id= 45fe7b8b-96fa-400a-a4f2-bb21a746e87b&h= 360&w=480&cc=true&s=false&app=webtutors"></iframe>


Has anyone seen/solved this behavior?

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Alex Stanton

Could you screenshot this?


My first thought is that the player needs to reference the appropriate javascript \ css library  also second thought is that the Iframe is very small!

If that is the case i believe you can either add the appropriate library address to the story.html head (HTML)



Alex Stanton

Evening Glenn,

 I think Ashley's kind offer will be your best bet,

  But we aim to please,


Use this to generate the appropriate code * Note resizing the videos beyond there original file size will degrade quality.

Paste in your link as the source files for the videos. Remove the IFrame tags.

NOTE this is not a fool proof solution Peoples browser environments can be a bit fiddly but investigate see if it fits your needs. (again not using the clients player in this instance ) (so ime waffling)

at the bottom of this link the code is auto generated simply embed this.

The second option is a tad more fiddly as i mentioned early your Embed code will most likely need to reference some form of javascript/css library ( THE BELOW MIGHT NOT BE THE CORRECT LIBRARY)

This is from GitHub and breaks down the concept nicely.(ish)


This code below is for a CDN ( a web-hosted version of the library)

<script type="text/javascript" src="//cdn.embed.ly/player-0.0.10.min.js"></script>

assuming this is correct you could embed this in a HTML document that references both the library and your Video link which might do the trick i would speak to your client and confirm what player they are using if they have a specfic CDN they use / Custom location to pull player info/files from.

Hope this helps a tad, if not the guys an gals of articulate will be able to help ime sure.