Embedded video is off center after opening Menu lightbox slide

Here's the issue:

I've got Vimeo videos embedded with <iframe>. If the user clicks on the FAQ in upper right-hand corner (which is lightboxed) and then clicks on a link in the lightboxed window that shows a new layer, then they click on the X, the video is off-center.

This doesn't happen if you don't click to show a new layer.

I've tried <center> around the <iframe>.

I've tried <div center>.

I've tried adding

.post_content iframe {

display: block;

margin: 0 auto;


to a CSS file.

I've tried adding <iframe style="middle">

Nothing seems to work. Any ideas?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Todd,

I don't know much about the embed code you're using (not my area of expertise) but I'm curious - is the video on the layer? Does it appear normally somewhere else? Are you able to share a copy of the file here for the community to take a look at the behavior and offer thoughts regarding the embed code?

Todd Crowell

The video is not on a layer. The video appears fine until you access the FAQ and pick a layer. The FAQ is a separate slide that is accessed from the top right corner of the player. The FAQ slide has multiple layers and this only happens when accessing any of those layers.

Here's a sample file.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Todd - could you share the .story file here with us instead? Even just that one - two slides (with all the layers and such). You can import just those ones into a new project following the steps outlined here. I'd like to see how it's laid out while editing and then what occurs once published.