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Andrew Gee

Hi Brian,

Have just achieved this with the help of the awesome Steve Flowers on this forum.

Have a look at http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/28295/153557.aspx

We are talking about Java but he principle is still the same and is definitely a solution for you as it allows you to store any file type you want in Storyline.  Saved me a lot of after publishing work

Let me know how you go.

Brian Walker

Thanks Andrew! Theoretically this is exactly what I'm looking to do.

However, my links are just not working.  I posted a questions to Steve's original post on this as well.  I'm kind of at a lost as I've gone through a few times and it totally seems like it should work but my links appear to be for decoration.  nothing at all happens. 

Any thoughts on why that would be?

Andrew Gee

Hi Brian,

I can confirm with Ashley, as I had the same problem.  However I wanted to publish to CD but had to publish to web first to get the web link for the folder where my extra content was eg HTML docs, Java libraries etc.  And then I published to CD and used the same link for the folder.  It works great.  I have not tested this on publish to LMS but will in the future.

The link text should look like this, mine is linking to a HTML doc when the user clicks a button.  I have other triggers on the same button and have the link opening as the last trigger and it works.


I hope this helps.