Embedding html page with Javascripts in it -- how often would end users complain about Javascripts not loading?

Hello all, 

I found a very cool timeline Javascript that I want to use. After trying several different ways, I found the best way to do it is to create a html page on my own server to call this Javascript and related CSS, then embed the html page into Articulate Storyline. Note here I am not directly using Javascripts within Articulate Storyline. 

The result is nice. The look is sleek and the editing is easy. See below:

screenshot for the embedded timeline However I just wonder how often I would get phone calls from the end users about html/javascripts wouldn't load? 

I tested on different browsers (chrome, firefox, IE, and safari) and they all work. But you never know which parts are outdated on your clients' computer. 

Would you use a html page with Javascripts & CSS for your Articulate Storyline development? Thanks. 


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Maggie -- Many thanks for your question! As you may already be aware, we would not be able to provide support for JS coding/modification made to your published output, but here is our JS Best Practices sheet just so you have it for your reference. I'm sure some of the gurus in the community will be able to chime in with their insights to assist you further. :)

Maggie Hu

Thanks for your reply Christie. Yes I found the JS Best Practice sheet, but it seems about directly embedding JS into Storyline. The JS I am calling is too long (about 20k+ lines) and I also have to call CSS. So I decided to put them into an HTML file and then embed the HTML. So my question is:  

How "safe" is it to embed an HTML page which calls JS and css to Storyline?