Empty variavble

Mar 16, 2015

Hi Guys

I have this button that needs to be normal only when text entry losses focus and text entry variable is empty...I have an issue how to write trigger to show text entry variable is empty....I did try "" ....no luck any idea


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AHme Joosub

Actually there is a button and text entry variable Name

the button is disable when timeline start

so i use trigger that change state of button to normal when text entry variable loose focus .....its working like a charm :) No problem

I also would like to do is when user click inside text entry without writing any value...then click button .....button should not work as well because text entry value is blank

somehow I am having hard time to attach the file


Emily Ruby

Hello Ahme,

You can use the add attachment button here to post the file. When do you have the the trigger to change the value of text entry to the typed value? This may have something to do with the blank value working as it is. If the value is not set until the control loses focus, then clicking inside the text entry might not work for what you are looking for.

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