Enable Next button during timeline

Hey there,

In my presentation, the next button appears on the player but doesn't work until the timeline has finished. I know there are a lot of people on here wanting to learn how to do this but I seem to have accomplished it accidentally. How do I turn this off?

1. I do not have any variables

2. The only trigger associated with the next button is: "Jump to the next slide when the user clicks the next button" There are no conditions associated with this trigger.

3. The slide is set to advance by user, and both Prev and Next are checked under navigation controls

4. Player features is set to player defaults. However, I am using a custom player so there might be an issue with the player settings.

5. This happens on every slide, both in preview mode and in the LMS. This happens in multiple presentations.

6. I am using Storyline 2 on a Windows 7 machine. I ran the registry cleanup program and reinstalled Storyline 2 earlier today.

7. I am using files that are hosted on my machine only. I am not using a shared drive.

8. I am aware that setting the timeline to a fraction of a second would have a similar effect to solving the issue but I am dealing with hundreds of slides and I am looking for a real solution to the issue.


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Emily Ruby

Hello Martha!

You may want to check the Menu setting in the Player. If you have this set to restricted or Locked, the next button will not advance until the timeline ends. You can set this to "free" or you could shorten the timeline as you stated above. 

There was a recent thread where this was discussed, and another workaround was posted here.