Enable PRINT button after retaking quiz- Storyline 3

Aug 16, 2019

Hello, I have a simple, ten question quiz with a results slide. Passing score is 80 or better. On the Results slide, if the score is passing, the RETRY button is disabled and the PRINT button enabled so learners can send me a copy of their scores. If the score is 70 or less, PRINT button is disabled and the RETRY button allows them to retake the quiz. But, when you retake the quiz and pass, I can't get the PRINT button to activate so they can send me their results.

I've attached the story file for you to review, please. I know it has to do with the triggers, conditions, etc., but can't figure out what I need to change or add.

Thanks in advance!


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Jerry Beaucaire

Try this instead:

  1. Set the INITIAL state of the Print button to HIDDEN
  2. Change the trigger to "Change the state of Print to Normal if Results.ScorePoints >= 70"

This way the button will only appear when it is appropriate to show.


Similarly, instead disabling the RETRY button, which leave a box onscreen that doesn't do anything, I'd suggest setting it to HIDDEN instead.  

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