Engage Interactions in Storyline 3

I’m in the process of moving presentations that were created in Presenter ’13 to Storyline 3.  There are Engage interactions included in these presentations. 

The NEXT button isn’t working on the Engage interaction slides, so I’m unable to progress to the next slide.

Can anyone provide guidance on how to get this to work?



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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks so much for those details, Miranda. 

It sounds like you are importing an Engage '13 interaction into a Storyline 3 file, is that correct? Our team is working on a similar bug related to Storyline 360, but we haven't been able to recreate it in Storyline 3.

Would you mind attaching the Engage '13 file to this thread? I'd like to try importing it into Storyline 3 on my end. 

I'll be standing by!

Ren Gomez

Hi, Mauro and Tushar,

No updates yet, sorry to hear you're coming across this bug. This is still an open issue with our team, but we'll let folks know in this discussion as soon as we have more info to share.

Feel free to connect with our support engineers to see if they can help you troubleshoot your specific situation.

Alison  L.

I would still like to know if/what Ricardo did (although I was using engage
360 and storyline 360), but about 3 months ago I had the exact same problem
(the (engage) slide would not "NEXT" to the next slide).

My "solution" was that Articulate Support couldn't replicate the problem so
I sent a screen recording, and sent the .story and they replied with a
screen recording and it not "breaking".

In the end I just went with that they could open the MENU if they got
stuck. And no one has complained about it. Not really a "real" fix though.

Thanks & Good Luck


Ricardo Garcia

Hi Alison. The issued drove me crazy for several hours. I've got some feedback from Articulate to publish the interaction with only HTML, but also didn't work. Finally, following that line, I published with the Flash/HTML option (I was using the opposite one) and it did work. Try and see if it works for your project. Best regards

Tony Morris


Thank you for that and pointing me in the right direction. Very useful information without one having to go down numerous rabbit holes.

You are correct in that you have to publish using the HTML5 / Flash  or Flash / HTML options in order to view the Engage Interaction "Next Slide" button in Engage activities.

I'm using Engage files that were created using Studio 09 and Storyline 3 and upon further investigation I found the following to be true:

  • if one publishes using HTML5 only, the "Next Slide" button is not available at all;
  • publishing to HTML5 / Flash will only display the "Next Slide" button if you select and run the "story_flash.html" from the folder wherein the published files reside, it will not play when, or if, you select the View Project button after publishing, as I assume it loads the "story_html5.html" file by default; and
  • if you publish using the Flash / HTML5 option the "Next Button" is displayed when using the View Project button after publishing as I assume that it loads the "story_flash.html" file by default.

Given the above observations it would appear that Engage files still require/contain Flash content in order to display properly.

However, that does not resolve my problem in that I'm converting 40+ tutorials from Flash to HTML5 as our customer's LMS will not support Flash in the future.

I'm running into other issues as well, the Engage files do not even display when I publish to HTML5 only. Not a good situation. I have raised a case number with the Articulate support team, but given all that I have read to date, I'm not expecting any immediate resolution, as this issue has persisted for years from what I can tell.

Take care and thanks again. Stay safe during these strange times.

Ricardo Garcia

Hi Morris. I can understand your issue. With less number of courses but I have to update some. Besides of the publishing issues with the "next button", there is also another problem with the engage interactions. When I tested my recent uploads (with the publishing option that makes the next button active), the interactions do not play on the tablets (android - content not supported), with the iPad directly the Articulate player doesn't work.

I'm just considering getting rid of the Engage interactions and develop them with Storyline 3. More work but may be less troubles.

Stay safe... I'm going through my 5th quarantine week...


Tony Morris


Thanks you for your reply. I hear you on redoing the Engage file content within Storyline 3. However, the CBTI'm working on has been used by our customer since 2011 with the odd update to content here and there.

The version I'm currently working on is to have no Flash content in order to work properly on the customer's LMS and it appears that the Engage files cannot be published - based on my findings - without utilising/containing flash content. With over 70 Engage files (35 English, 35 French) I really don't have the time and budget to redo all those files. Additionally, I have a total of 48 Screen-casts to convert from SWF files to AVI such that I can insert those as videos, which is rather time consuming in of itself, but far less so than having to rebuild all the Engage file content.

I can only hope that someone can develop a workaround or conversion tool of some sort.

I'm on week four of isolation and working from home with the working from home extended to 4 May as things presently stand. Strange times indeed.

Take care and all my best to you and yours!! Stay safe!!



Leslie McKerchie

Hello Michele,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing what you are experiencing with your project. I could import your .intr file into Storyline 3, and I've attached it here so that you can now import it into your current project.

Studio '13 is no longer supported due to its dependence on Flash.

How the End of Flash Affects Articulate Apps and Courses

Also, you must have Studio 360 installed with an active Articulate 360 subscription to import and edit Engage interactions.

How to Upgrade a Course to Storyline 3