Entry Text WITHOUT Losing Focus

Hi all,

Is it possible to detect/trigger entry text content WHILE the user is typing? And not wait until the box loses focus? 

Here's the scenario: submit button is hidden. Text entry is empty. User clicks in the text entry. Text entry gains focus. But, I don't want to show the button yet, since the content is empty. Now, once the user types in a letter, I want the button to show up. If the user deletes the content (backspace), then I want the button to hide again. Also, people may copy-paste content into the box, so I can't rely on key pressed. Thoughts?



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Matthew Bibby

I don't think it's possible Zsolt. I tried to figure this out a year or so back with no success.

As you know, the text isn't saved to the variable until the field loses focus, so 'when variable changes' triggers don't work. 

If the variable was updated each time the contents of the text entry field changed (i.e., each key press or when text was pasted) it would open up a lot of possibilities.

The only option I can think of is building a text box outside of Storyline and adding it via a web object, using JS to pass the value to SL. But we both know that's far from an ideal solution.