Erratic Next behavior during Quiz Review

Apr 29, 2015

I have had user complaints about my new SL2 module where users get "stuck" on the Next slide during quiz review. If the quiz doesn't have another quiz slide after it during quiz review, you click Next and SL just sits there; you have to manually click another slide in the Menu to continue. This behavior consistently occurs if the Quiz slides are not sequential (I have other content slides between them).

As a workaround for this behavior, I inserted a "Next Quiz" slide after each quiz slide, coded so at the start of the timeline the slide redirects you to the correct quiz. This feature solves the "dead end" Next problem, but Review Quiz behavior is erratic as follows:

1. If I have answered the question already that session and the quiz is the end of a series (no quiz slide follows it), Next returns me to the main menu. I have to click Menu > Next Slide to advance to the next quiz slide using my dummy slide that I put in.

2. If I have NOT answered the question already and click Next, the Review correctly advances to the next quiz slide, whether answered or not. (If I skipped questions, Review also takes me to the first answered quiz, not the first quiz slide.)

As far as I can tell, the behavior depends on whether a slide was viewed or not. If the slide is unviewed, Storyline figures out on its own where the next quiz slide is and goes there (showing of course the incorrect answer, because it was never viewed or answered).
If the slide was viewed, the quiz review wants to use the next item in the Menu as its next slide.

I have been able to reproduce this behavior consistently on my PC and in the SCORM cloud. You can view the course here. To test, just use the menu and randomly answer slides in various parts of the course, then Menu > Exit and Review Quiz:

I would like to better understand the quiz Review behavior so I don't have to do all these workarounds. I have been testing this a LOT the last 3 days, and quiz Review seems to work inconsistently as I've observed. Has someone solved this problem in a better way?

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Margot Epstein

Have you tried changing the trigger of the NEXT button on the last question of each quiz "section?" To do this:

1.) In slide properties, add a NEXT button to the question

2.) Delete the default trigger for the NEXT button

3.) Add a trigger for the NEXT button that jumps to your next question (which will be in the next quiz section)

4.) De-select the NEXT button in your slide properties

This work-around has helped me with a similar problem.

Hope it helps!

Lauren Franza

I am assuming this issue has not been fixed yet in Storyline 360 because I am experiencing the same issue; I have a scene that ends with a question slide. After a user has answered the question and decides to review the questions, they cannot proceed forward from the last question slide in the scene. 

Add a blank slide after the question slide. Be sure to:

  • Add a trigger to the blank slide that says "Jump to slide *SLIDENAMEHERE* when Timeline Starts on *THIS SLIDE*." 
  • Remove the blank slide from your Player Menu so it doesn't show up for users to see.

It's not perfect, but it is almost seamless on the user side of things.

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