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Sep 04, 2014


I have a course with 12 scenes. 12th scene is "Quiz", where I have used 'Question Bank'. This course is comprised of 267 slides. I have given the tracking on Quiz with 80% as a passing score. I have published this course for Scorm 2004, 2nd edition and uploaded this on moodle. The issue is, when user completes the quiz and tries to Exit the course the Error pop-up appears as "Error-Unable to acquire LMS API, Content May not play properly and results may not be recorded.Please contact technical support ."


Sayali S.

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Sayali Sathe

Above error is occurring if clicking on Exit button, or leaving the course in between and re-launching the course, only after starting with the "Quiz" section, as LMS Tracking is given on Quiz. Question bank consists of 30 questions, from which only 20 questions appear at a time, questions randomization is also given. Is it creating any issues?


Sayali S.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sayali,

I have seen that error before and if you receive an "Unable to acquire LMS API" error when launching Articulate content in your LMS, this may be caused by the version of Java that you have installed.

Some LMS’s use a Java API object to load content. Since content created in Articulate does not require Java, please do the following:

* Contact your LMS provider and ensure that your installed version of Java is compatible with the version of the LMS you are using.
* Ensure that you have published your content properly as described in the following article.

You may also want to review this article on troubleshooting common LMS reporting and tracking issues if the behavior persists.

Sayali Sathe

Hi Ashley,

I have checked the links provided by you. I have kept the same publishing settings and uploaded the course on moodle and Scorm cloud.

This issue is not only appearing on moodle but also on scorm-cloud. I have used a question bank at the end of the course, which is having total 30 questions, out of which 20 questions appear for a student to attempt in one go. The questions are randomized. 'LMS API doesn't found - error' is occurring only while exiting the course from Quiz section. If we exit the course from any other slide of the course, its working just fine.

Once we start attempting question bank, the error is appearing in 2 following conditions:

1. While attempting quiz, if left in between and again trying to launch the course

2. We attempted the complete quiz without exiting, then closed the course after completion and trying to re-launch the course

(The course should re-launch as we have provided unlimited attempts while uploading on moodle)

Is it due to question-randomization and due to exclusion of some questions in question bank?

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