Error message when starting Storyline


Firstly, this message appears every time I open any storyline file. Others are having this problem also

To open, I click out of this error and re-open, which then works fine, but i have to do it every time to every file


Secondly, my animations work just fine on the "slide preview" but when I publish, the animations no longer function


Cheers Sean







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Thanks Matthew

Both of these suggestions worked, thank you!!

Strangely I'm surprised I have to change my practice to make third party software to work ie

- reinstalling already regularly updated software

- using another browser ie Storyline doesn't work efficiently on Explorer

Do you know if these issues are considered issues by Articulate?

Cheers Sean

Matthew Bibby

Sometimes things go wrong with software installation or update. It's common to try and fix these issues by reinstalling the software. 

I wouldn't say that Storyline doesn't work efficiently on Internet Explorer. Well, I would... but I don't blame Storyline! The issue is that IE doesn't support CSS Masks (which are necessary for some animations). Here is a table that shows which browsers do and do not support CSS Masks.


Thanks Matthew

Ive spoken to your support team. It appears that as i'm accessing my file from a network drive Storyline can function a little erratically.

For the moment it's merely a mild inconvenience, nothing else.

I'll keep you posted if our department finds a solution

Thank you for keeping on top of this