Error when submitting a numericentry field with a value of 0

Oct 05, 2017


Hoping someone may be able to shed some light on a problem I have. I have a variable which I calculate during my project which I want to send to the LMS when the user finishes and exits.

I do this by setting a NumericEntry interaction to the value of my variable and submitting it. In my project this is all hidden from the user. This all works perfectly except for if the value of my variable is set to 0 (zero) in which case I get the 'you must complete the question before submitting' message. This causes all sorts of problems because the user can't even see a question, or get to it (by design).

I have attached an example to show the problem. You will see in the example that if you submit the value that has been put there by storyline you will get the message. If you click in the field and type 0 (zero) (or any other value) before submitting, you won't get the message. If on slide one you set the variable to anything other than zero, it also submits OK without displaying the message.

Hope this all makes sense. Any help would be appreciated.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Louise! Thanks for allowing me to take a peek at your file. 

If your question slide is set to require an answer and the field is left blank (or has a value of 0), then your learners will see the Invalid Answer message. You can get around this by going to the Question Tools Design tab and changing the Require field to User may skip:


I hope that's helpful!


Louise Lindop

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for taking the time to look at the file. I actually do require a value in this field, even if that value is 0. I'm sure 0 is a valid data value for a NumericEntry field. You will see in the test that if you enter 0 manually it is quite happy with this as a value and you don't receive the message. The problem only occurs when 0 is set using a trigger. I would have thought it should behave the same way whether the value has been put their by a trigger, or entered manually, leading me to think it is a bit of a bug. With this in mind I have raised a support ticket.

Thanks again

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