errors with the latest storyline update (right click / text entry)

Hi, so I'm wondering if somebody can come up with a work around for my issues before I have to call IT and ask them to downgrade my storyline back to update 4 again.

This is the problem:

My course needs to be able to allow the user to use the right click trigger to work through this software simulation. This trigger is broken in the latest update unless I publish for only HTML5 output. This was my plan anyway so I didn't think this would be an issue.

My course also needs to allow the user to enter text, which in the latest update is bugged so that in HTML5 output the text entry auto submits before the learner is done typing. I attached a video demonstrating this. The link has a solution but I don't really understand it since you cant separate the text entry field and its "update when loses focus" trigger...

So either I cant let the user right click or I cant have the learner enter in a text entry field, how do I get around this?

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Matthew Bibby

Hey Jackson,

You're out of luck with the right clicking in the Flash output. Articulate are aware of the issue and are investigating. They will update the post here if any more information becomes available. 

I'm not quite sure what's going on with the text entry issue. Can you share the .story file here by any chance? 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Patricia, 

The right click triggers were fixed in Storyline 2 Update 7 detailed here, but only for the base layer. 

As for the text entry behavior you're seeing, I'd also want to know if you were using the latest update and if you could share a copy of the .story file for us to take a look at. Where are you hosting the course and what iOS are you viewing it in?