Essay and MC

Hi, I am making a quiz using both multiple choice and essay. What settings or triggers should be used to give the user the correct score?

Essentially we want the user to "fail" the quiz until the essay is hand scored. Then we want the LMS to calculate the score and and determine if the MC questions and Essay questions add up to give a passing score of 80% .

I am not sure if the essays should be scored at zero or if the total test should have a 0% correct for passing. 

 Please inform me of settings/triggers/results or anything I should be aware of. 

Hope this questions is clear enough to gain some needed insight 


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Jason Reed

Hi Kandice,

Can you tell me a little more about the essay? You say hand scored, do you mean someone is marking the essay externally from the LMS? 

What results (if any) would you like the learner to see at the end of the quiz? Would you like them to see if they pass the multiple choice questions?

If so, then you're correct that a 0% pass mark should mean they "pass" the essay and the score won't affect the multiple choice score.

Alternately, you could just create a text entry field and not have it as a quiz.

Hope that helps.

Kandice Ross

The essay will be hand scored based by a committee and award each essay a point range from 0-5 points, All the MC will be 1 point essentially we would like the scorm to read incomplete or failed until the essay is fully graded. 

We then want the LMS to add both scores and determine if the test has been passed. 

Hope that clarifies. 


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kandice!

You could exclude the essay from the calculations so that it could be manually scored, but if you want the course to always show incomplete or failed, I'm not sure how you would accomplish this unless you are tracking by something that is not obtainable by the user. A 0% is obtainable as well as 100% I would imagine, so you would have some users getting a complete/pass which is not what you are looking for.

I've not heard of this scenario before and hopefully the community will be able to assist you with this design.


Jason Reed

Hi Kandice,

Thanks for clarifying. The part I'm getting stuck on is this: When you complete the marking of the essay, how are you planning to input that data so it ends up in the LMS?

One scenario would be that the learner cannot complete the course until they receive a mark for the essay. You would essentially block their progress either with a password or similar so that the course would remain incomplete until you have the essay marks. Those marks could then be manually added via the quiz as a variable so the LMS can then add the total score. This might be a bit labour intensive.

Alternately, if you have the score from the multiple choice question, you could simply add that to the essay mark once it's complete, but it wouldn't be in the LMS.