Euro sign not visible in a list (bullets) or in a question choice

I am very glad the Euro signs was introduced in the Articulate Font in SL2.

But.. in a list with bullets and question choices, the Euro sign is often replaced by a bullet. (Euro Signs are always visible in flat text an in lists without bullets, but with letters of numbers.)

The problem does not always occur. It seems random to me. If I copy a faulty slide to another file, the Euro-signs often becomes visible again. I haven't found a solution within a file though. Duplicating a slide, for instance, doesn't solve the problem.

Does anyone know a solution?




Visible Euro signs:

Visible Euro sign

Euro signs replaced by bullets:

Invisible Euro sign

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Freek Birnie

Hi Ashley,

Yes, I do work with local project files. The € sign disappears both in preview mode and in (locally) published output.

The problem disappears when I add a Euro-sign in a Text Box other than the 'conflicted' bullet list. Copying all the slides to another file, brings the € sign back as well. So my problem is solved, because I can control it. I send you the conflicted slide anyhow. I'm curious to know if the € sign shows on your computer or not.

Thanks in advance for your reaction.


Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Freek for the update and I'm glad you were able to solve the problem - I took a look at your file, and at the first set up the bullets were just standard bullets - but I was able to use the "Bullets and Numbering" set up and Insert Symbol to choose the Euro sign, and that successfully appeared as a part of the preview and while editing the slide. I could also add them into the text box and still seem both successfully. 

I had to use the Insert symbol option for that as well, as I don't have a keypad that contains the Euro symbol nor do I know the hotkeys to be able to insert it. 

Freek Birnie

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your investigation and advice. I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing though. I did not try to use the Euro symbol as a list symbol, but couldn't get the Euro symbol into text that was part of a bullet list. For instance, the amount of € 61,36 was erroneously shown as · 61,36. (As you can see in the screenshot in my previous message).

Anyhow, the problem is solved and I've learned something extra. Thanks!

Have a nice day,


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Freek,

Well I tested both because I clearly was confused! ;-) 

But I was able to insert them into the text box as well - but the ones you initially had inserted did not show either during a preview. Did you use the insert symbol option or do you have a keyboard set up with a Euro symbol on it? 

Freek Birnie

Hi Ashley,

Very thorough! Thanks.

I tried inserting those Euro symbols both by copying them from a .txt and by typing them directly. Made no difference. From now on, I'll try Insert Symbol as well.

So, the ones I had initially inserted did not show either on your screen in preview mode. I'm kind of relieved ;-)  As you might have seen as well, if you use other symbols than bullets as list symbols (numbers, for instance), the Euro symbols do show within the listed sentences.

I'm happy there's still some (harmless!) mystery left.