evaluating numbers in edit text entry

Why won't this work correctly. I have a math problem and the answer is .5 or 0.5. I place these two values in the acceptable answers column but when I test using one of these answers, it says it is incorrect. I get a similar response with 10,000 even though 10,000 with the comma is listed in the acceptable answers. I need a work around fast!

Thanks, Julie

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Kelly Schultze

I had an issue with decimals as well. I got around it by making a trigger to multiply the answer and then set the "Correct" trigger for when the answer was a whole number. So yours would be like a trigger to multiply the answer by 10, then when that variable equals 5, the answer is correct.

Maybe that could help?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Julie,

What type of data entry are you using? Numeric entry fields accept numbers, decimals, and hyphens that precede negative numbers. If a user enters any other characters in a numeric entry field, those characters will be removed when the user submits their response. There are also some calculators that users have set up such as the one here that may help you get your calculations going.