Everything disappears from timeline with a zoom region on it.

I'm having an issue in both Storyline 360 and Storyline 360 Beta.

  1. I create a slide that has a zoom region on it in addition to a Mouse movement and two images. Everything looks good.
  2. I duplicate the slide by Ctrl D or the Copy/Paste command
  3. New slide only shows the zoom region on the timeline of the new slide ... BUT, shows timeline rows for the mouse movement and the two images, it just doesn't show them in the timeline (see attachment).
  4. Save the file, close it, reopen it, and everything looks like it should. I can now see the timelines for the 3 objects.
  5. IF I delete the zoom region from the slide and then duplicate it, things appear on the new slide as expected. (Obviously can't do that because I need the zoom region to be the same from slide to slide).


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Jim!

Thank you for sharing a screenshot with us! I've tried to replicate this on my end using the steps you've listed. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing the other objects disappear on the timeline when duplicating a slide with a zoom region, images, and a mouse interaction.

With your permission, I'd like our Support Engineers to take a look at your project. You can share your project with them in a support case. Your project will be deleted after troubleshooting.