Exam Score won't record in my LMS with Storyline 3 Update 12

Apr 29, 2021

I just upgraded to version 12 of Storyline 3 and my exams that worked fine with update 11 now doesn't register in my LMS. It is similar on Rustici Scorm Cloud with Completion=Incomplete, Success=unknown and Score =unknown as if I never opened the exam. My exam is published in Scorm 1.2, tracking my final result slide (using two random questions banks) with Passed/Failed. Submit interaction of each questions is done when a boolean variable is true so students can review their exam/answers before submitting it. Here is the published version (in SL3 update 12) for testing. I opened a support case with my SL project. Thanks for your help.

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Anne.

Thank you for opening a support case with our engineers!

I see that you're working with my teammate Darwin, who advised you to reach out to your LMS since your project worked as expected when tested in SCORM Cloud.

Please reach out to Darwin through the case if you have additional questions.