Execute javascript not working

Apr 06, 2018

I've got a piece of code that I use for recalculating variables in my scene. I've put the code in the slide master and it works perfectly fine. However, since it was just a technical prototype, I  continued building the template so I could use it for building my training. Now my screens are all finished, but my code doesn't work anymore. Any kind of 'execute javascript' trigger is in fact not working.

I've seen some discussions about javascript not working locally or not in some browser etc, but this can't be the case here since Template_v4 works perfectly fine but Template_v9 does not. I've put multiple alerts in the script to check, but I get nothing. Attached you'll find both files.

What am I missing here? Why is my script not working anymore? Any ideas? (other than it not working locally or in my browser) Thanks.



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