execute JS from Storyline

Hi everybody!

I want to send to LMS a few variables. I know I can use this solution:  http://www.articulate.com/support/kb_article.php?product=st1&id=7la24ugs1lcn

but I wonder why I can do this use Execute JS. When I call function for example SCORM_GetDataChunk() it doesn't work. I suppose I should use different level (parent etc) but I do'nt know how. Could you help me?  

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Kamil Nowek

I want send a few variables to LMS and have it when I'm back to course. I know that suspend string is encrypted but I use to do this function of LMS WriteComments and it works

Next question. Do you know SL has a tutorial how can we use execute JS? I have seen only tutorial with using a date. I want to know how can i use JS to for example show slide layer in SL or jump to slide. I want to know function of Storyline player because in tutorial is shown ony function setVar. 

Steve Flowers

There's some info in this thread about using a variable and JavaScript to jump to a particular slide:


Essentially there are three components:

1) A variable in Storyline (preferably a numeric variable)

2) A JavaScript method to change the numeric variable

3) A trigger "listener" in Storyline that uses "When variable changes" as the event.