Exit Animation Issues on my five tab menu animation slide

Aug 08, 2017

Hi all, so I built this 5 tab interactive menu slide (inspired by another similar project by Jeff Kortenbosch)  with just a layer to show the menu items when the burger symbol is clicked and return to the main slide when it is clicked again. 

I have the animation for the menu items set to float in but want it to also float out nicely upwards and disappear before revealing main slide.  For some reason, however, it doesn't seem to be working right. The exit animation floats out the menu items but displays all of them at the last minute before they all disappear. 

In the attached demo, I took out the exit animations but any suggestions on how to make it work are welcome. 

Thanks a lot in advance.

Click below to see: 

Demo: 5 Tab Interaction Menu Slide

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Maxwell, 

Very cool menu idea! Is this the file you were inspired by?

I noticed that you set up the objects to animate in, but you hadn't yet created a way for them to animate out. Check out what I did in your file:

  • I created a duplicate of "Show Layer" and renamed it "Hide Layer".
  • I removed all of the entrance animations and replaced them with exit animations. 
  • I adjusted the timing of each object on the timeline so the menu items would disappear one by one.

Let me know what you think!

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