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Jun 03, 2013

What is the expected result when you setup a trigger with exit course when user clicks? I am hosting my training in Blackboard and when I click the exit course button I get no result. My trigger is set to "Exit course when user clicks"

What is the expected result? Should it close the tab or take me back into Bb? I have my Bb options setup to open the training in a new tab when you start the training.



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rob,

The expected results would be that it would close the course. If you're launching a new tab from a Blackboard page, it should close whatever is "housing" the course, so the tab should close. However, it sounds like it may be an issue with the option to open the course in a new tab, or possibly the web browser. 

I don't know what the options are for Blackboard, but I'm guessing there's an option for a new window instead of a tab. If so, could you try using that option and see if the course closes?

Also, have you tried testing the course in a different browser?


Rob Morgan

The options are "Open content in new window? Yes/No" if I do not open in a new window it opens within the frames of Bb and the size of my player is larger than the frame making the user scroll to align the player.

I tried it in Firefox 17 ESR and IE9 and when I click the close the course button I get no response. I guess I could just ask the user to close the tab when they are done but will that trigger the LMS to let them know that the course is complete?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rob,

Right - if they use the "X" to close the window, it could cause issues with reporting and/or tracking.

I'm afraid I haven't worked with Blackboard, so I'm not sure why it's opening that way or why the button doesn't function properly when it's opened using that method.

Have you had the opportunity to contact Blackboard about the issue?


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