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Feb 14, 2017


I am creating a course on Storyline 2 in which I have added an "Exit" button in the player. I have selected the option of "Prompt to Resume" option when user starts the course again. The course has lesson followed by Assessment. If the user clicks the "Exit" button in mid of the Assessment, and resume the course, the course starts from Assessment. 

Is there any way to resume the course not from Assessment?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Reecha,

You have three options for resume behavior:

  • Start the course fresh every time
  • Start where they left off the last time they visited the course, meaning they will start at the Assessment if they left off in the middle of the Assessment
  • Choose (via a prompt) whether to start over or resume where they left off

One option is to include a Menu with Restricted navigation. That way, if the user restarts the course mid-Assessment, they can easily jump back to slides they previously viewed.

Reecha Singh

Hi Alyssa,

I tried all the 3 options, but unfortunately these options didn't fulfill my purpose. I don't want users to resume the course from the question if they left in mid of the assessment. Moreover, I dont want them to start over from slide 1 of the course when they resume.

I tried the Menu option as well. But if the user exit the course from say Question 3 of the assessment, then the course is starting from Question 2. Whereas I want user to start the course from that Assessment lesson when resumed. Moreover the Restricted option in the Menu is causing problems in the "Next" button on the slide. I have to click 2-3 times to go to next slide now.

Is there any way that I can make users to do the above said thing? 

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for that context, Reecha. In regards to the Restricted menu setting, it sounds like that isn't a good option for you. That setting doesn't allow you to click the next button until the timeline ends, which is why it took you 2-3 clicks to go to the next slide. And since the resume feature in Storyline is designed to return the user to the same page they left off, you might have to get little creative to achieve what you're looking to do. Perhaps you could use variables and a "Jump to slide" trigger when the user clicks Yes to resume, but I'll defer to the community for ideas on that custom set up. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Kyle,

Thanks for including a screenshot of what you're seeing. I created a quick sample file with 4 slides and restricted navigation--here's the published output in Flash and HTML5 for you to test. Are you seeing the same issue in those links as you're seeing in your own file? Here's a screen recording of how it looks on my end. 

If your file is behaving differently than mine, we'd like to take a closer look to see what's going on. Would you mind sharing it with us here? Also be sure to let me know your case number so I can follow along. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Kyle, 

I just responded in another thread of yours, but I wanted to also include the information here for anyone else following along. Can you verify what resume setting you're using? 

I did some more digging, and I found there is a known issue with Storyline 360 where you cannot go back to previously viewed slides when course is resumed if navigation is set to "Restricted" and resume setting is set to "Always Resume" in HTML5. If you're using the setting "Always Resume," that would explain what you're seeing.

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