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Jose Colunga

Hi Ashley,

Yes I tried the suggestions with no success.

We have over 200 courses in our LMS most of them created with Storyline, some with Presenter.  Up until three day ago we started noticing, and getting input from our clients, that the courses were not closing when the close course button (exit course trigger) was clicked; however, the course did close if the browser window was closed, but does not record a completion status.  It does post a score, which I find interesting and confusing.  I also noticed that systems which have not been updated to the latest flash player version do not have this issue. 

I uploaded a course to scormcloud and in systems with the latest flash player, the exit course trigger did not work, but on systems with an earlier version of flash player it did work.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jose,

Thanks for letting me know a bit more about what's happening. I'd like to have you submit a support case so that we could look into this a bit further. On the second page you'll be able to upload your file and you can also include a link to this forum post so that the team will know what you've already tried.