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Lorsque nous avons un module Storyline sur un site Web et que nous faisons une mise à jour (donc on redépose une nouvelle version), si l'utilisateur ne vide pas son cache, il a accès à l'ancienne version...

Comment pouvons-nous nous assurer qu'il ouvre la version mise à jour?

When we have a Storyline module on a website and we do an update (so we redeposit a new version), if the user does not empty his cache, he have access to the old version ...

How can we make sure it opens the updated version?


Carole T.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Carole,

If you're overwriting a previous course and it has the same link or access point, learners may see a cached version as you've experienced. I'd suggest including a note below the course link prompting learners that it's been updated and that they should clear their browser cache, open the link in a different browser, or a private/incognito browser window. 

Here are some directions on how to clear the cache. 

You could also look at updating the course in a way that would provide a new link for your learners. As long as they're directed to the new link/version of your course they wouldn't see a cached copy. 

Hope that helps!