Exporting audio files for translation

Sep 22, 2015

Would anyone know if there is a quick way to export all audio files in a Storyline 2 project for translation purposes? I have a program with about 250 short audio files (screen voice-overs) and do not want to export each file individually.



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Matt Mayer


I tried the suggested method posted by the staff here, to publish the module and then locate the audio files, however this method ia also very tedious, as Storyline does not publish them in any sequential order, slide 30 could be the 1 file, slide 9 could be the second, therefore it requires one to rummage through and re-order every single file.

The current method of exporting each individual file is also very tedious and is very time consuming.

It would be great to have a quick export of all audio files, in one simple click.

This would benefit all users, reducing workload and enable great efficiency an workflow.


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Tex Hale

Hi Leslie

I totally agree with Matt - that would be really helpful as I get a lot of iterations with audio files and it can get confusing with all the redos for the same audio.  Once the course has been signed off it would be good to export the audio from the finished product and have in one place for another member of the team to work with.

Please pass on to your development team.  Thank you so much.

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