Extracting points from movie

Sep 26, 2013

Let's say I have a movie playing. The user can stop the movie at any time by clicking a button. Is there a way to count points. The earlier you press the button the more points you earn.

Let's assume that when the movie starts you can get ten points. After 10 secs you will earn 8 points and so on down to 0 points.

Anyone having an idea how to solve this problem? Could you make use of the cue points? Could you use a variable that counts down? How du you connect it to the button? Could you divide the movie into several parts on different pages and by that assign different points to the user score?




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Hassan Mujtaba

Hi Gustaf,

I am assuming the learners have to click a button to earn points, however it could be a hotspot and anyother object that is listening to the click for adding score.

One of the easiest solution could be to have different buttons (all identical) on the slide and make them appear at different times by adjusting their timeline as per your requirement. So the setup could be

Btn1, appears for 01-5 seconds on timeline, and adds 10 points on click in variable Score through a trigger

Btn2, appears for 05-10 seconds on timeline, and adds 5 points on click in variable Score through a trigger

Btn3, appears for 10-15 seconds on timeline, and adds 0 points on click in variable Score through a trigger

You will need to adjust the timing as per your requirement and length of the movie. For example if the movie is 30 seconds long and you need 3 buttons, each button could be on timeline for 10 seconds. 

Screen shot of such setup is attached. 

Good luck.


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