Eyedropper Not Working on Extended Monitors (360)

Dec 18, 2018


I'm trying to use the eyedropper in 360, but it's not picking up the correct color I'm trying to eye drop.  For example, when I hover over orange it shows up as green.  I'm on a Lenovo laptop, using Windows 10, connected to multiple monitors.  When I disconnect from the other monitors and just use the laptop, it works just fine.  Any suggestions for making this work on multiple monitors?  The laptop screen is so small!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi KC,

Thanks for popping in to share what you are experiencing and I'd be happy to help you with steps to prevent that workflow interruption.

Best recommendation when using multiple monitors:

  • Be sure that the DPI for each monitor is identical.

Second best if you have different DPI settings:

  • SL main window must be on the Primary monitor and "More Fill Colors" modal must be opened on the primary monitor.

Let me know if this works better for you.

Deanna Sackett

I'm seeing this issue occur recently in December 2021. I installed Storyline (from Articulate 360) after September 1, 2021. I closed Storyline and re-opened it on laptop (instead of on my external monitor) and the issue was resolved (as suggested above by Rini Stobbe). However, I prefer to have the capability to open Storyline on my larger external monitor vs. my smaller laptop.

Tracy Windsor

Today 11/4/2022 I have the same issue. The eye dropper won't pick up the correct colors. I get an occasional Green and Blue when hover over anything other than Green and Blue, but mostly I get Gray or White. :( I'm using an extended monitor with my laptop. I have Storyline 360 V 3.68.28887.0 

I'm going to try one of the suggestions to use storyline on the screen it opens on and see if that works. BUT did want to mention this is still an issue. Attached a screenshot, it's not picking up the eyedropper in my screenshot, but it's there just under the white box. :)

Luciana Piazza

Glad to hear Leslie's workaround helped, Tracy!! 

While we do have some best practices for working with images, these discussions here and here are directly related to using Snagit and may be helpful for you. Perhaps someone in the community will be able to assist you with SnagIt troubles further. Hope it all gets sorted for you! 

Have a great day! 

Marc Taylor

Hi Shauna, 

This is clearly still an issue. Considering what it costs for a license it should be a reliable product. Unfortunately the more I use 365 the more i find reasons not to renew the license. 

Please can you fix these issues because things like the eyedropper, publishing issues, legacy version 'update' issues, not having things such as closed captions available as default etc. may seem small to you but they are fundamental to a lot of your customers.

Kind regards.