Fast management of imported questions from file

Hey there,

I am wondering which tool allows fast and flexible questionpool management: Storyline or Quizmaker?

I have tried importing a file with questions, according to .txt template, provided by Articulate.

Import and questions selection worked fine, however I wonder if the following requirements are possible within an import or through one-click editing for all slides, and which tool - Storyline or Quizmaker - will answer those needs best:

  • The "Quiz Results" slide was not created automatically after the import in Storyline. Questions were divided one per slide, but no template for results was provided. I assume I have to somehow create it manually and attach some counter manually to count correct results?
  • Imported questions advance immediately to the next one, regardless if the answer was correct or not. When I selected all question slides and tried to change number of attempts to all the question slides, it did not work. Only manual changing, going slide by slide. Can this be done for all question slides at once? Or what would be the way for the user to be able to make his mind, select and try several answers without seeing immediate feedback , and then after making their final decision, move to the next question with "Next" player button?
  • In our question pool from the template the feedback is typed next to each question. However, is it possible to somehow preset or edit the import, so that feedback won't be given, and the user must proceed to the next question by clicking "Next" button of the player, and only at the end gets the total result? We would like to use the same prepared in advance template for the two type of quizes without editing the template: one quiz gives immediate feedback afetr each question, and one is "silent", and the user can only view final result. Is it possible with one questionpool template, or do I need two create two separate templates for import?
  • Is there example of the template for MDN and other questions types? In given templates, only MC example is provided, and the parsing of MDN probably looks different (how do I specify correct answer for the drop-down menu for each item? Tried * with | but it does not work).

If all of the above is not possible for Storyline, but possible for Quizmaker, is the creation of questionpool for Quizmaker the same as for Storyline, and then I could only import a quiz from Quizmaker to Storyline?


Many many thanks!!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Irina!  This is our Storyline tutorial on adding quiz slides using Excel or a text file.  It includes the different question types that are supported this way.

While these settings can’t be determined with the import process, the results slide has many efficient features that will apply across the entire quiz.

I hope that helps answer a few of your questions!  We have a hub of User Guides here, so if you need to toggle between Quizmaker and Storyline, that's the easiest way to get between the two.

Irina Poloubessov

Dear Crystal,

Thank you very much for the detailed answer with very helpful links -- great collection to use as a reference

I was confused by the instruction for the matching questions, but now I figure out what  is actually meant by, quote

"For matching questions, separate each answer choice and its match with a pipe (|). Example: Texas | Austin"

-- you need not list all the possible options of the answers next to each item you want to match, but just the single correct one,  after the "|" symbol. Storyline then randomizes them for all.

Now I get it. I guess it would save time of experts, if in the template you provide there would be examples for every kind of the questions :)

Thank you very much for the timely helping out!