Feb 22, 2019

Hi Articulate,

I'd like to request the addition of colour icons and icon sets as a feature to the 360 Content Library.

I know that you can change the colour of icons and even just parts of an icon, but having some colour icons would be a nice addition.

I'd also like some way of seeing if icons are part of a set. Sometimes when creating content, you may need several icons, and it would be nice to see other icons that use the same line widths and styles so that the icons all match in feel.

I have attached an image of some examples.

Icon sets



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Katie Riggio

Hey, Jeffrey.

While such a feature in Content Library doesn't exist right now, I'm going to share your feedback with the team. If we make this change in this area, we'll let you know! Feel free to share any other thoughts here or through the Feature Request form. 🌟

If there's anything I can help answer in the meantime, I'll be here!