Feeback Layers Crashed

Mar 02, 2023


I'm creating a course that includes several graded questions. In the last week or so, I've been back and forth with support because the feedback layers are so wonky. The feedback boxes are left aligned, the buttons are overlapping the text, etc, and the layout will shift from slide to slide. Support told me the file was corrupted and the issue remained even when they tried importing it into a new project. 

I would like to move on with my project, but I'd love feedback on my options.  Do I need to start this whole course over, or should I delete all my graded questions? I feel like I'm lost on this one.. this is my first poisoned file (sad face). 

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Sandeep Gadam

Hi Kandice, I reviewed your SL file and just made a few adjustments for the feedback layouts. All I did here is I have adjusted the positions of the text box objects within the feedback master and then reapplied the layout in each layer.

Please review the attached file and let me know if this works for you.